Thursday, October 11, 2012

Made It Back

Well we made it back in one piece but I was sicker then hell and came home Sunday. I don't know what I caught out there but Saturday night my throat starting getting sore and Sunday morning woke up to a cool cloudy windy day and a sore throat so we headed home.
With all the rain we had out there it sure was green and grown up around the ole place. I had to get my pick and rake out and clean up my roads around the place. I have a road in the back 40 that the Johnson Grass has taken over again, couldn't even see it, the grass was so high. I took a video of my roads around the place if you will skip to around the 6 minute mark you can get an idea about the Johnson Grass, toward the end of the video you can really see the grass I have out there. I need to find some way to get rid of it before it takes over the whole place.

Friday we went to watch the Shelby Mustangs at the Lajitas International Airport, they ran the quarter mile facing east on the runway and did a obstacle course run on the west end of the runway. I walked around with slobber running down my chin all day drooling over those cars. 

We headed down to Lajitas to see how everything was there. I was even offered a job down there, still thinking about that job offer.

The golf course was looking great for being in the desert.

Saw this grave down there, thought it was different, it had "Just Jake" for a name.

Then we headed home and Friday my good friend Dale came over and helped me with my solar panels.

It took on into Saturday before we were finished with them and by then it was to late to go to Ft. Davis for the show. I really wished we could have seen it, but the weather was not to good Saturday night so I don't think we missed anything.

Then we headed home Sunday sick as hell. I just started feeling better today.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time To Head Out

Will be heading out to Terlingua tomorrow and I can't wait. The Shelby Mustangs will be down there starting Thursday.

                               We will do some 4-wheeling while we are down there.

Then on Saturday night we will be in Ft. Davis for this, 
Over 40 living history re-enactors will perform compelling vignettes to take you back in time to the 1800s when the U.S. Army occupied Fort Davis. Meet the spunky officer’s servant, Mrs. Murphy, bantering humorously as she serves warm cider and cookies to guests. Watch a delirious sergeant on sick call at the post hospital chiding the capable post surgeon. Encounter officers and some gossipy officers’ wives of the 10th Cavalry in 1885 discussing the regiment’s upcoming move to Arizona.
Tour times are staggered every half hour. The first guided tour begins at 6 p.m. and the last begins at 8:30 p.m. This unique once-a-year event allows the public to see the Fort after hours and by lantern light. You’ll see living history characters from the past in scenes based on actual historical events at the fort. A special side attraction is to view new exhibits in the 1876 hospital.

                        I went and bought 100 LBS of corn for my 4 legged friends out there .

I will get my new solar panels hooked up with my new battery's, so it will be a busy trip but well worth it. 

I did get to spend $1300.00 on the rear end of my truck the other day, that made me real mad at ford. How in the hell can you put clutches in the rear end and just let the clutch material fall into the grease as it wears out. From reading other peoples stories on this they get about 35,000 miles between clutch jobs on the rear end. I waited till I had 90,000 on mine and had to have all the bearings replaced as well as the clutches. If you plan on buying a used Ford truck around a 2003 model stay away from it unless you like spending money on replacing clutches. I've really been happy with it except for the damn rear end on it. The clutches give it positrack when it needs it, just in case you think I lost my mind talking about a clutch in a rear end.