Sunday, February 23, 2014


I told you I had A.D.D and I'm hyper as hell and at times I look at something that I've done and go holy shit what is wrong with you. I told you about the garden and how I over killed that project now let me tell ya I have topped that one I have around 150 damn tomato plants that I'm running out of place's to put the damn things until the last freeze so I can plant 20 of them and the rest I have no idea what I'm going to do with. I've put an add on Craigslist but nobody has called yet. I'm hoping someone will I need to get rid of some of these dang plants. I have Cherokee purple, Black Seaman a Russian tomato, Rutgers, Yellow Pear and Brandy wine tomato's.
It has kept me busy and I have to stay busy to stay sane if I just set and do nothing my dang mind gets to going places it has no business going to and I get all depressed and bitchy and then I set and eat and than I get fatter and then ,well you get the idea so I would rather have all these damn tomato's keeping me busy then doing nothing.

          This is not all of them I have 24 beef steak and 24 cherry tomato plants as well .

I think I have solved my squirrel problem. For some reason one squirrel has taken me as his buddy and he will eat out of my hand.

Now I know what your thinking, that damn squirrel is gonna eat every dang tomato old Jim has. Well I have it figured out. That dang squirrel won't let another squirrel any where near my yard so all I have to worry about is him now. I have some water out there for him to drink and I feed him pretty good so I think he will leave my garden alone. He looks like he owns the place.

If he doesn't I'll just have to eat the little bastard.

            This has nothing to do about anything but it was a pretty sunset a couple of days ago.

OK one other thing since the Olympics where on. How about the Olympic sport of  CAT CURLING.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A little more about what happened in Terlingua

Here is a little more about what happened the night Glenn Felts was killed. It's really sad. It seems that both people where well liked around the Terlingua area. I don't guess we will ever know what really went on that night.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bad News From Terlingua

The community of Terlingua was rocked this morning by news of the death of La Kiva owner, Glenn Felts.  In less than 15 minutes there were more than 300 posts on Facebook between mutual friends — shock, devastation, disbelief. Felts operated the bar since 1990, when he assumed ownership following his uncle, Gil Felts, who built La Kiva in 1979.
The Sheriff’s Office is now investigating Glenn’s death as a homicide. The Brewster County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Rangers, and 84rd District Attorney’s office are all investigating.

Brewster County Sheriff’s Department confirms Tony Flint of Terlingua has been arrested in connection with the death of Glen Patrick Felts, owner of the La Kiva Bar.
More news here

Here is a link to La Kiva if you have never been there. It is a really neat place.