Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bad News From Terlingua

The community of Terlingua was rocked this morning by news of the death of La Kiva owner, Glenn Felts.  In less than 15 minutes there were more than 300 posts on Facebook between mutual friends — shock, devastation, disbelief. Felts operated the bar since 1990, when he assumed ownership following his uncle, Gil Felts, who built La Kiva in 1979.
The Sheriff’s Office is now investigating Glenn’s death as a homicide. The Brewster County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Rangers, and 84rd District Attorney’s office are all investigating.

Brewster County Sheriff’s Department confirms Tony Flint of Terlingua has been arrested in connection with the death of Glen Patrick Felts, owner of the La Kiva Bar.
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Here is a link to La Kiva if you have never been there. It is a really neat place.


  1. What was the reason for the killing? When you find out more, let us know.

  2. Overly raw rib-eye and a cold baked potato.