Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happening in the neighbor hood

Just sitting in the computer room & see a white suv pull up across the street. A girl gets out and goes to the house next to the one they where in front of. She's gone a couple of minutes. She comes back & gets in the suv & they back into the driveway of the house she was just at. 4 people jump out and start kicking in the door. I grab my camera and start taking pictures while I'm on the phone with 911. 
The dispatcher said I would get in trouble if I shot one. He tells me to stay in my house until the cops arrive. 
A tree trimmer pulled up next door to the house they broke into & scared them away a couple of minutes before the cops showed up. 
Turns out the suv is stolen & they got away. I did get some photos of 2 of them.

To bad they did not catch them.

                                                              Update 4:00 pm

Just found out that the cops have caught 3 of the 4 that broke into the house across the street. 

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  1. So, did you make the afternoon news report?

    And when does your house go on the market and you move to the ranch in Terlingua ?