Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Won't be long now


   I should have some tomato's before long almost every plant has tomato's on it

 The tomato's in that green tote have gone slap ass crazy. They are huge,I trimmed them up some the other day and it looks like they have grown 6 inches. There are blooms in all that mess of limbs so they should be putting out tomato's before long.

I checked the water temp a couple of days ago and it was 78 degrees in the buckets with the hot weather coming on I need to keep checking the temp and make sure its not over 86 degrees in there or I'll start having some problems. I brought a empty 5 gallon hydroponic bucket into the house and will put a plant in it to grow through the hottest part of the summer. My wife loves me for bringing that damn bucket as she called it in the house I thought since we use the kitchen for cooking that a tomato plant would look great in there. She wouldn't have far to walk to pick fresh produce and after all who else do you know that has a tomato plant growing in their kitchen. We will be one up on the neighbors. You see I'm a country boy from Texas and she is a city girl from "cough" California. I don't let her forget where her roots are from and that we do things different down here and she ain't to old to learn the right way to do things. As she walks away I hear her saying something under her breath that sounded something like damn red neck hillbilly.

My cloning is doing pretty well, I have 2 plants in dirt now and will switch them over to hydroponics when they get a better root system on them.

I'm, trying a few different ways of cloning these things. The one above I just stuck in my hydroponic bucket with water running over it and in a week it had roots. I trimmed some more tomato plants a few days ago and just put them in a cup of water to see what they will do,I'll let you know how that works out.

I have a covered seed starter that I'm using for a cloning chamber. I have some different plant cuttings in there and hoping that they will root. One is a Limon tree and another is a Dewberry vine. We used to have Dewberry vines all over our place when I was a kid and now you can't find one growing in the wild around here anywhere. My 2nd cousin found one somewhere and gave it to me.I used to come home with my hands and my ole month purple from picking and eating those dang berry's.
The ole boy's at the hydroponic place tells me that if I have any problems cloning anything to bring them a cutting and they would try cloning it for me. These people are great, you don't find businesses like them anymore.

I'm heading out Terlingua way come Saturday so I'll have something else to talk about other than this hydroponic stuff.


  1. Hydroponics is good, we can't have a BLT sandwich without someone growing the tomato... and you have to start somewhere.
    That is not to say I'm not looking forward to Terlingua posts...

  2. Terlingua stuff or hydroponics stuff,,,it's all good !!

    Just no more heart attack news, pls.

    Thanks for the info, sir.