Monday, February 2, 2015

Be Glad When Spring Gets Here

Come on spring hurry up and get here I'm getting blisters from setting on my ass so much. We did take the balloon out last week and did a tether with it, first one of the year. If the dang winds don't start dying down this year I might have to get me another job. I remember back in 2000 in the month of August we did 20 flights that month. The whole of last year we did about 10 flights and 20 tethers. The worst year we ever had. Flights are booked solid with a long waiting list. We flew one couple last year that had been waiting for 5 years to get their flight in. OK time for something else.

When we went out to the place last time I took a mower with me and made me a Red Neck Shredder.

I tied that mower onto the back of my 4-wheeler and went after that damn Johnson grass. 

I knocked down about a third of it. I'm taking the tiller next time and till up that area I have some really good dirt there, I dug down about a foot and hit nothing but dirt so something other than Johnson grass should grow there.

                                                    This is what it looks like all green.

Its so thick you can't see a foot into it. I'm hoping to get a hold on this stuff, every time I go out there you can see its claimed a little more land.

My dang tomato plants are doing great another month and I'll get some in the ground and hope to sell a bunch of the plants to.

I just about have the garden ready I bought 2 yards or 33 wheelbarrow loads of compost and spread it on the garden and tilled it in.

I'm ready for spring.

Now for you folks that likes movies find this movie "Fandango" with Kevin Costner and you will see this rock in the movie.

 The next time you go out to the Terlingua area see if you can find this rock. I'll give you a hint its off of hwy 170.


  1. got any tomatoes for sale yet?
    I got a tiller at the pawn shop yesterday and a pile of Alpaca poop to go in the garden area. This good weather may be fooling me.

    1. Bigfoot, next time you are down this way come on by and get you some. I have plenty.

    2. I know exactly where that rock is....go figure