Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sat. Nov. 27th.

Well I did get the drain unstopped but I hurt my back lifting the damn elec. snake out of the truck. The guy at the rental place told me I needed a snake for a 4 in. drain. That snake should had been mounted on a trailer. It took all I had to get it out of the truck. Now this is where the dead brain cells fall into place. Instead of going around back & seeing what size drain I had and then unloading it. I just unloaded it and then checked. Guess what? Its too damn big for my drain. So now I'm stuck trying to get it back in my truck. I grabbed it & gave it a all I had. The only thing I felt was a nice little pain in my lower back. Here I was standing in my driveway staring at this damn thing wondering how in the heck am I going to get it back in my truck and letting my back try to get back in place. Well my ole buddy Bob is backing out his drive & looks back and sees me staring at this big mass of steel. Ole Bob backs down the street and asks if I need some help. Now you see I weigh around 220, ole Bob about 120. He gets out of his car and comes an gets on one side & me on the other. We give it a lift and my side is the only on moving. Ole Bob looks at me an says damn that thing is heavy. No sh-t Bob. Well he goes and gets his wife & between the 3 of us we get in the truck. I take it back & tell the guy at the rental place that its to big & he gives me one about half the size. It worked great had it unstopped in 5 minutes.
  Now I walk around staring at my feet. Maybe I will be able to straighten up again one of these days, probably about the time the wife stops the sink up again.

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  1. Sorry bout your back. You learing!!! This gettin old crap ain't for wimps!! Hell,IF I still drank beer, I couldn't pick up a 12 pack, have to drink quarts of Lone Star I guess.. :-)
    Glad you got your drain going again,