Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wishing you had something.

Have you ever sat around and thought I sure could use this or that. Someone upstairs must look out for ole Jim.
Last time we had brush pickup here I was thinking I wish I had a ladder that would reach up in my trees and cut more limbs out. I have a 20 footer but can,t reach all the way up in them trees.
 Today I had to get my ole truck inspected  and on the way home I spot this saw on the curb & a lady setting things out. This month is junk pickup around here and people set things out they don't wont and the city comes by and picks it up. I stop by and ask the lady if she was throwing out that saw. She says no but I can have it for $50.00. She then says all the stuff under the tree was free. I wander over there and snatch a 32 foot ladder that looks new. Some wooden shaft golf clubs and more metal shaft clubs with bag, and a animal trap.
It was not long ago that I wished I had a bigger ladder & now I have one. A few years ago the wife & I was talking about wanting a boat but could not justify the money for one. It was not long before I had 3 boats that did not cost me a dime. One boat was a 3 year old Skeeter bass boat with nothing wrong with it. The old boy was moving and could not take it with him so he just up and gives it to me.
I guess the old saying watch out for what you wish for is true.

Just saw this. Must have been a hell of a bicycle.

Motorcyclist dies from injuries suffered from crash with bicyclist

Police on Wednesday identified a man who died of injuries sustained when his motorcycle crashed into a bicycle over the weekend.
According to police, a man riding a bicycle turned in front of a black Harley Davidson motorcycle operated by 33-year-old William Skelton at the intersection of Arroyo Seco and Romeria Drive on Saturday at 5:15 p.m. Both men were transported to University Medical Center at Brackenridge Hospital, police said.
Skelton died on Tuesday from the injuries he sustained in the crash, police said. He was not wearing a helmet, police said.


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  1. So, with your luck lately it dang sure won't hurt for you to wish you would hit the lotto!!! Just keep saying that while you buying your ticket to night.

    And don't forget where your friends live when you do hit it :-)