Monday, July 25, 2011

Cleaning Time

Since its to damn hot to go out to the ranch in Terlingua I have been going through some box's I had stuck out in the shop. I forgot about all my CB radios I had. I had a job back in 1997 that took me out in the middle of nowhere so I bought me a brand new Cobra 29 & a 100 watt kicker to go with it. Well the job did not last but a few months so I took it out of the truck & stashed it in with the older ones I had.

The old ones probably date back during the CB craze 1970's.

Royce model 1-606        Dec. 1976

GE model # 3-5804d

Lafayette Telsat SSB-50  with a built in alarm if someone tries to steal it.

Robin Model # WV23 

My electricity keeps trying to go off be back when every thing gets stable

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  1. Shoot stick a big ole whip antenna on that big ole fancy PU you got and wire one up. Fire up that big ole linear and Start shooting some skip!! ;-)
    Ya gota a copy on that Good Buddy?