Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Damn computers

I done went and screwed my web page up and have spent 3 days trying to get it back up. It is gone boom nothing, I still have it on my program I used to publish it with but can't get the damn thing published again,time to call Go Daddy. I use a program called Dream Weaver and it does not like Go Daddy for web hosting for some reason. I spent 2 days with them when I first started that web page getting it published, at least I have something to do now.

 This weather has me wanting to get out and do things again. I need to head out to the ranch and check on the place and make sure I'm not housing any illegal's since I've been gone and check on my Johnson Grass sure wish I could get rid of that dang stuff , every time I go out to the place I've lost more land to that damn stuff it goes crazy out there.

 Update, just got the ole web page back up and running had to change my password around to get it back up. Sometimes I think I'm getting to old to jack with this crap. When I was young things stayed the same for a long time, now the same thing changes every other day, now another password to remember. Sometimes I feel like just setting all my passwords to just one number like the number 1. I can remember that pretty well but hell no, they want you to have a 15 letter and number password with some kind of symbol throwed in with it and a capital letter. Who in the hell can remember all that crap. OK enough of the rant.

 Anybody want to buy a scooter?

 I let my month overload my ass again and told a friend of mine I would help him sell this thing. It's $1250.00 with 2200 miles on it and gets 80 miles to the gallon.I wouldn't mind having it but I don't want to be going down the road on it and everybody saying, "That fat SOB ought to be carrying that poor little thing instead of riding it". So I will try to sell it.


  1. yea, I hate pass words, too. My one laptop has a finger print thingy that I can use instead of pass words. That is quicker and works quite well.

    1. Dizzy,my computer gets the finger quite often but it does no good. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Replies
    1. I hope it does sell fast,Trouble.
      Thanks for coming by.

  3. If you are planning a trip to Terlingua Ranch this is the time to go before it gets too darn hot.

    As I was reminded reading Suerte's blog...the snakes are starting to come out...that is, if they ever went into hibernation to begin with!

    That is a cute scooter.

    1. Thanks Mrs.B, when I was clearing out some brush on the place a few years ago it was 105, I would dip my tee shirt in the ice chest and put it on and go back working,thank god I have A/C out there.
      I've killed 2 snakes on my place so far, one I almost picked up moving a brush pile, note to self, don't pick up any more brush piles.