Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Paying Respect

Went out today to pay respect to Chris Kyle

as his funeral procession came into Austin.


Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who earned two Silver Stars in Iraq, explains the sniper's point of view


  1. A true Hero, that fellow who shot him and his friend should be shot, I truly believe that, why did he have to take from this earth a man who was devoted to our country and cared about the Vets the way he did..all in the great state of Texas? He should not have a good life the killer, that is the way I think..that Dorner fellow out in california went nuts, he is gone from this life, why is it in a lifetime the good and great die young? does the good Lord need them so quickly??? His widow and children are hurting a lot, oh, my goodness it riles my butt that someone so wonderful,kind and loving and helpful to humankind was taken so so very soon..My true condolences to his widow and children.Love your blog, feel the way you do about a lot of things, read it daily to get my day goind.God's blessings always!

  2. that one that kills with iron with iron dies...Bible

  3. A hero for sure. It's sad to know how he lost his life.

    Pablo - I prefer to look at it differently. I would gladly leave this earth doing what I love. I think Chris did just that - helping others.