Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I don't know why I get so attached to animals I treat them like they are my own damn kids and love them as such. I hurt when they hurt and will stay up all night with them when they are sick. They give so much but ask for so little and are by your side no matter how much you chew their butts out for doing something destructive, they love you.
 Back in 1992 we got this dog for the daughter. The daughter was getting at the age where boys looked better than the dog so me and ole "Smoke" that's what we called him because his coat looked "smoky" me and ole smoke hung around together at night and became real close. He would set in my lap all night long and I got to love that ole dog, we where pards.
 Ole Smoke was getting a little age on him and was such a great dog we decided to find him a mate and find him a mate we did. I drove all the way to Dime Box,TX to get Kattie the love of his life. They hit it off real well and Kattie wasn't quite a year old when ole smoke nailed her and she was pregnant in a very short time, we thought that she was to young to have pups and really didn't think she could get pregnant but she did so in a little while we had pups out the ass around here chewing up brand new shoes, furniture and towels god I can't take all these damn dogs tearing the house all up. So we are gonna sell all but one of these pups and get back to a little normal.
 You have 9 pups and 2 people trying to pick just one cute puppy guess what it ain't gonna happen I wanted this black boy dog and she wanted this black female dog. Guess what, we kept both of them and so the journey of the 4 dog household began.
 Ole Smoke passed way at the age of 16 from a heart attack and it felt like part of me died with him. He was family and for the longest time when I walked into the house it felt so empty I loved that ole dog.
  We called the male pup Bear and the female Little Bit because she was the runt of the litter
Ole Bear dog was around 10 years old when he got cancer and had to be put down.That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. We took him in because he looked constipated he wasn't in any pain he was running and having a good time that morning just being his old self. The news was that he was ate up with cancer and had this big knot blocking his intestines and he couldn't go to the bathroom anymore so it had to be done we had to put him down. We left the vet in a state of shock we just lost our ole Bear dog.  He was a great dog he loved everyone and at times he just needed to be assured he was loved and would climb up in your lap and take a nap with you. He was the guard dog of the back yard and look out squirrels he loved chasing them.
 Little Bit was the runt of the litter and turn out to be the love of my life, me and that dog went and did everything together. I didn't really have to teacher her anything it was like when she started to do something bad and I got on to her that was the end of that she wouldn't do again. I would go out in my wood shop and look over at the table I had setting outside and she would be on it guarding the place and god help anyone that came walking up. She would give them hell she never bit anyone but she would give them a good barking until I told her enough. She loved riding in the truck and just loved life in general.  She was her own little self. She didn't liked to be held or petted that much she just wanted to hang around you and listen to what you had to say and see what was going on. She wouldn't let anyone touch her but if we were setting outside she would lay between us and listen to what was going on she liked to be around people but not interact with them.The day after I came home from the hospital after having a heart attack she feel over with a heart attack  around the age of 11. My little girl died and went to doggy heaven.
Now we have Kattie, poor ole girl is 17 years old now and is going into congestive heart failure and will not be with us much longer. She has missed Smoke,Bear,and Lil Bit since they died as much as we have and her and I have a special bond now. I sat up with her last night till around 1:00 and the wife took over guard duty. I'm setting here with heavy heart knowing that in a very short time my family of dogs that have been in our lives for all these years will come to an end.This is the first time I have talked about these dogs since they have passed it just hurt to much to talk about them and it still does. 
Did I tell you I love my ole dogs and I will miss every one of them for a long time to come?

Lil Bit setting on her table

 Smoke at 15 years old

 Ole Bear

I have to find a picture of Kattie.


  1. I know where you are coming from. I lost my special pall a few years ago. The best dog I ever had. We have three now and two of them are getting way up in years, as am I. I don't know what I would do without them nor them without me. I guess we better all die about the same time, don't you think? You brought tears to my eyes, Jim.

    1. I was just telling the wife that this is probably the last dogs I will have. They would out live me now and I don't think that would be fair to them.
      I had tears running down my face just writing about them and seeing them again.
      Thanks, Dizzy for stopping by.