Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm still kicking

I came back from Terlingua earlier than I wanted to I came down with something and didn't do hardly anything out there but feel bad. I didn't even see the Shelby Mustangs. I worked around the place some and felt so bad I just came home and stayed sick most of Oct. The Doc thanks its allergy's cause I get it every year around this time
 I did kill me a Rattler in my drive out there scared the hell out of me. I know some of you folks likes snakes but I can't stand Rattle snakes they scare the hell out of me I almost picked one up when I was little and have hated them ever since. I was pulling into the drive and he was just laying there looking at me. I back up and and went around to the other drive and go up to the place I get my gun and head back down the road and dang it he wasn't there I thought I had lost him and started looking off to the side of the road and there he was about 10 feet off the road just stretched out there. I take one step off the road and he jerked around coiled up and ready to strike in a blink of an eye I take aim and blow his dang head right off damn that gave me the hebbie jebbies. If you ever killed one of these you know they wiggle around for a long time even without a head. I just leave him there and was gonna come back in a little while when he quit moving and cut the rattles off. I go off and do some work and come back in about an hour and the damn thing was gone. Something wanted him more than I did.

I can always count on my ole friend porky coming bye. I can be doing something around the place and look up and ole porky is giving me the old I'm hungry look. I don't know why he is so friendly but we have hung around together for a few years now and I feel sorry for him, he is getting old and the others won't let him eat when they are around. I can tell him apart from the others because he is lighter than they are. I guess he is getting gray hair.

So I put some corn out around the feeder and set back and wait for all his kinfolk to stop bye for some supper.

Everything was green and grown up. It looked like I haven't been out there in years. I had to break out the weed eater and cut weeds for 2 days. That might be where my allergy's got stirred up. This is looking out my front door before I cut it I don't know why I didn't take an after pic of it. I like it cut real close to the ground around the house so I don't step on a dang snake.

I get home and really don't feel like doing much so I kick back for a few days and start to feel better.  I figure I would down load the pictures I took out there and about half way through down loading them this damn little window pops up and tells me I'm out of disk space, I said dad gum it and said to heck with it. I sure didn't feel like installing another hard drive at the time so I just let it set for awhile. 
  We had a lot of balloon rides for the month of Oct. and had one wedding in the basket which led me in another direction I had no idea I would head.The minister that was going to marry the couple couldn't make it and they asked me if I could marry them I have never been asked that question before so it kind of set a light bulb off in this ole fried brain of mine, maybe I can do this. I tell them let me see what I can do and I would get back with them. I get on line and look around for awhile and all of a sudden by God I'm an Ordained Minister and I can marry you right now. 
 Well hell they found someone before I could get back to them with the news that I can marry them so I'm setting here waiting to do my first marriage. 
If you see some guy walking around with a lighting rod don't worry its just me I don't need no dang lighting bolt coming out of the sky and striking me until I get the hang of this Ordained Minister title.

We took the Scott Felder balloon out to the F1 races Sunday and did some advertising while the cars buzzed around the track

and that just about catches me up. 


  1. That snake would have made a nice hat band or belt. When I was a kid they told me that a snake with its head cut off wouldn't die until the sun went down. I picked up a "dead" one by the tail and the bloody end came around and hit me on the arm. After that, I believed them. . .

    1. I would had died if that had happened to me. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Glad you resurfaced. We were worried you had become buzzard supper while out there in South Brewster Co. We are stuck here at home with no TR trips in a good while, too busy chasing paychecks and sitting in traffic ..what a LIFE,,!! (not)

    I'm guessing your place is south of 9 Points and east of 118, maybe along the ranch road somewhere? (just trying to orient the location from your pics)

    Sorry you're feeling crappy, maybe this cold front coming in will knock out those allergy critters in the air down around Austin soon.

    Take care Feller.!

    Bigfoot in FTW

    1. I'm on down the ranch road aways and have another place down Snake Road. I'm hoping to meet up with you guys one of these days out there. Thanks for stopping by.