Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bet You Thought I Died.

I ain't dead yet but felt like it a bunch this past few months. My damn back went out on me after that last trip to the ranch. So I have not felt like doing anything except setting on my ass which I don't like to do I'm a real hyper person and setting ain't what I like to do. I pushed myself until I had to quit ballooning and everything else. I went and got another shot in my spine and it didn't do nothing so I started looking for a back doctor that I can trust. I think I found one that is in the top 10 here in Austin. Set up a visit and they took x-rays and pulled up the MRI I had back in 2012 and tells me my back had gotten worst and he begins to show me the x-rays and says I need a operation to fix what is wrong with my back. Seems like I didn't treat my back very well through the years and just wore it out. The way he explained it, it sounds kinda like this.

  Disc space gets smaller - due to the loss of water in the discs the distance between vertebrae begin to     collapse, which is why we get shorter as we age.
  • Bone spurs grow – without the discs holding apart the vertebrae, they can rub on each other causing abnormal bone growths.
  • Spinal canal narrows – the stresses of all the above changes causes the ligaments and facet joints to enlarge (hypertrophy) as they try to compensate and spread the load over a larger area. This over-growth causes the spinal canal to narrow, which can compress the spinal cord and nerves causing pain
So what he says is what is left of 2 disks one is pressing into my spinal column on one side and the one below it is pressing into it from the other side and I have bone spurs that need taking care of and the disks cut away from my spinal column.
 Before he cuts on me I want to know if I can go back doing the things I've been doing which means lifting heavy things like a bag of concrete or swinging a pic you know what I mean. I can't set and wast away the rest of my life.

So all I have been doing since my last post is hurting. I wont take any of my damn pain pills because they stop me up like I have a cork stuck my well you get it don't you. So I don't take them. I do fine just sitting in the chair but as soon as I try to do anything I'm doubled over in pain so I don't do nothing.


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    1. Thanks for stopping by rj, between my heart and my back things are not going well at the moment.

  2. Finally looked you up and catching up now. Good to see you back.