Friday, February 24, 2012

Big Jack Rabbit

Going through and old chest looking for something to post on my other blog.
I ran across this picture of one of my uncles skinning this dang rabbit.. It was taken back in the 40's some where around Austin, Texas, judging by the shadow it looks like late afternoon. My dad said they ate for a month off that rabbit, rabbit stew, rabbit chile, leg of rabbit, & the back strap was to kill for. You just don't see to many like this any more around here. I'm guessing with over population they have shrunk quite a bit.
I just wish he had it mounted.




  1. Gang...that's a BIG rabbit! I can see where they made several meals off it!

  2. Yea Hermit,He had to shoot it with a 458 win.mag. He said the first shot brought him down but those big hind legs where still kicking so he shot him again. :)

  3. I hoped some Yankee would want to pay me to come down & hunt some.