Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Made it back

Made it home. Had a good time out West until Sunday morning. It's the first time I have seen fog so thick you could not see more than a hundred feet with sleet mixed in with it. My doors on the truck was froze sold. Rained & sleeted all day so did nothing but watch movies all day & night. Monday woke up to more fog a said to heck with it & headed home.
 Thursday when I put the corn out at the feeder the Havalina came running. Had a good laugh watching them

 I have some friends out there that owns the Grub Shack. The health inspectors have been going over their place with a fine tooth comb. To be able to open they need to get a water heater for a travel trailer behind the Restaurant. They are short on money so I told them I would see if I could find them a used one around Austin, ain't having much luck. If you know any one with a water heater out of a travel trailer let me know.


  1. Welcome home. glad you got to see everyone. you gonna HAVE to do something about that hog population. :-)
    About the water heater. The just HAS to be a used one somewhere in your area. Too many RV dealers down there.. Good luck on your search.

  2. Thanks Ben its good to be back. Thinking about heading back during spring break.
    Its a crying shame that a new little water heater for a rv like that costs well over $300.00. I did find him the replacement tank for $160.00. Looks like it will be hell replacing just the tank & not the whole unit.

  3. I saw a post on FB about an on demand propane H2O heater that that a guy named Moor? sells for around $110. Check with gypsyjess.

  4. Off grid R and D, I sent him a link on one of those for some reason he needs one like the one in the trailer. I sent Jerry a link for just the tank. It's $150.00. He ordered it so maybe the Grub Shack will be back open before long.