Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I reading  Jess & Dan's blog  they are planting some Yucca's on their place. Well that brought back some painful memory's for me. I was riding my 4-wheeler around my place and spotted some Yucca's over in a lot of brush.

I got the bright idea it would be nice to clear this out & make a picnic & camping spot for friends that wanted to come out and camp. I figured if I took that 4-wheeler and knock down that brush I would scare what ever monsters where in there out. Did you know that the brush out there has THORNS on it. I do now. My 4-wheeler was green when I started & was red when I finished. I never bled so much in all my life. In fact I had a friend stop by to see what I was doing and he came to the conclusion that I didn't have enough blood left in me to finish what I had started. Well as you can tell I'm still kicking. I didn't bleed out. I ran around in circles on that 4-wheeler and knocked that brush down. Did you know that a 4-wheeler tire can have 10 plugs in it and still hold air? I poked more holes in them tires than Swiss cheese has. I even had slime in all four of them.
 After I knocked all all that brush down it was time for the pick and rake to go to work. I dug all the roots from that brush up and started raking it in piles. I figured if I didn't get the roots up that the brush would come back like gang busters being how I had fertilized it with all that blood. After digging and raking for a month I finally finished up Yucca Flats.

This year when I went out. All my dang Yucca's had fallen down deader than a door nail. The good news is baby Yucca's are coming up in there place. You think all that blood killed them?


  1. What killed the Yucca? the extreme lack of rain. or the fact that you make them too nice a place , removed all the dead stuff around them? made it too nice for them?

  2. I think the drought killed them. I've seen them dieing all over down there.

  3. Lack of water finally did them in, I'm thinking!

    Sad, but the whole state has been going through that! Let's hope with the Spring rain, a bunch of new Yuccas will be healthy and plentiful!

    Better get some chaps, my friend!

  4. This drought has kill so many trees I can't believe it, Jim.

    On the way out to West Texas starting around Junction I see more dead Cedar trees than live ones. In all my years on this good ole earth I've never seen that many cedars dead.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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