Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back Again

Made another trip out to Terlingua for a birthday party and some other things that I'll talk about in the future.
One thing I've learned about going out there is you never know who you are going to meet. I went to that birthday party and right off the bat I meet Amado Peña, if you don't know who he is you can check him out here "Amado Peña". He is one heck of an artist. Turns out he went through school with the lady who was having the birthday party and he came for her party.

Diana is one nice lady,Ive been going to her party's for a few years now and they are always great. She rents the whole dang place and has food and a live band each year for her birthday. This year it was at the Bad Rabbit cafe down at Terlingua Ranch.

I worked some more on Yucca Flats and it looks like the wild donkeys like pretty well it looks like they hung around for awhile and had a lot of fun rolling around in the dirt. Every time I think I'm done with that place I see something else that would look better if I cleared it out some more.

                         I thought that it would look better if I cleared out around this yucca.
So I ran over the brush with my 4-wheeler to knock it down and make sure there aren't any critters that might want to bite me and then I grabbed my pick and rake and went to town on that damn brush.

Now that looks better doesn't it.

                I have some more that I knocked down and will clean up on my next trip out there.

I plan on cleaning out all around that tree and have a little more shade for someone camping out there.

I need to blast a sign that will advertise my Yucca Flats Camping Area and put a couple of picnic tables out there and I should be done. Who knows I might make a dollar once a year from someone or group wanting to have their own private camp site in the middle of nowhere with mountains all around them..


  1. Hey, it looks like you all got some rain. Is that puddles in the last picture? Looks like a nice place to camp. Now put in full hook-up and you are in business.

    1. I thought about the full hook ups and still might do it in the future. That is sunlight reflecting off the dirt not rain.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You did a good job cleaning up the area. I think it is very important for anyone who owns land in Terlingua to keep their camping area free of shrubs just in case a rattler is lurking.

    How far off are you from the main road? do you need a high clearance vehicle to reach it?

    1. MsB,I'm about 5 miles off 118 and my land splits a paved road so you can get to the camping spot in anything. The camping area is hidden off the road, you would have to walk about 75 yards to the camping area once I get the parking area cleaned out. I have 40 acres at this spot I have my place on one side of the road and the camping area on the other side.

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