Sunday, June 30, 2013

What a week

It's been crazy around here, about the time it couldn't get any more crazy something else happens. That headstone I made for that little couple It was for the wife's brother that had died of a overdose in which they say he was poisoned instead of a drug overdose I don't know what the hell happened to the guy but he is dead.
 I had them over to draw up how she wanted the headstone to look like and everything was spelled right so if its wrong its their fault.
 I had that happen on another headstone I did for someone, luckily I had them call and leave a message on my answering machine on how they wanted it spelled and the times on it. I blasted that damn rock and they came to pick it up and right off the bat they say I put the wrong date on it. I bring them in the house and play the message he left, after listening to the message he asks me to blast anther stone for them that he had messed up on the date. I cover my butt on the rocks, I don't like spending all day on a job for nothing.
 Back to my story,after I finished that headstone for the little couple I called and let them know that it was ready they came over and picked it up on June 24th., he was all yes sir and no sir and seemed like a real nice kid and they loved the rock. Well I get a call Thursday the 27th and am told that he was shot and killed real early Thursday morning. So I might be making another headstone. I feel sorry for that young girl to lose a brother and her husband in 8 days and the crazy thing about all this is they both died within a block of each other and on the same street. 

When I started taking pictures with digital camera's some turned out half way decent and I wanted to put them in picture frames, well the prints my printer spit out was the wrong size for the store bought frames so I get the wild hair to make me my own picture frames. These wild hairs I get they get expensive at times and this was one of those times. Luckily I had the saws for making the frames from another wild hair I got some years back so all I needed was glass and a matte cutter. I found the matte cutter on Craigslist for around $100.00 so all I needed was a glass cutter so off I go to Lowe's and buy me a hand held glass cutter I bought the higher end one they had since I had tried cutting glass before with a cheap one and it just made me cuss a lot it didn't work. Guess what the higher end one don't cut any better so I get mad I ought to know by now I shouldn't go shopping mad. I get online and search for glass cutters I see all kinds of hand held cutters and just can't get it out of my mind that big ass glass cutter they had at Lowe's, that sucker was about 6 foot wide and 4 or 5 ft tall and cut glass like butter now that is one hell of a glass cutter, guess what I have on my wall that takes up the whole damn wall, yep one of them big ass glass cutters and it works great. It came with some attachments that I can cut matte board with and plexie glass also. Its a glass cutting sumbitch.

When I went out to the ranch this last time I had met Amado Pena the artist so I figure I'll buy a couple of prints. That's all I can afford after buying that big ass glass cutter. I made me some frames for them out of old fence pickets I have them framed but have no place to put them right now.


  1. Love the prints and the frames. You done good, Jim.

  2. Bummer on that lady losing a husband then a brother in such a short span of time.

    I think buying your higher end glass cutter paid off. Your frames came out nicely.