Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stop And Smell The Roses

I guilty of it and I'm sure a lot of others are too, I see and do things all the time and never stop to smell the roses. I'm either to busy doing something or in a hurry to get somewhere to really stop and take the time to really look at my surroundings. When I'm out at Terlingua, on the place I sit out at night and look at the stars, there are billions of them, I sit and pay more attention to things out there, I'm in no rush to do anything or go anywhere, I'm at peace with the world. I go somewhere out there and catch myself doing 50 in a 70 mph speed zone, something I cuss people doing here in Austin, I stop and smell the roses out there. I get back to Austin and its back racing 100mph trying to do this or do that, I'm always in a hurry to do something, even when I'm at home I'm not really at peace with myself, always thinking there's something I should be doing, my mind is always wandering.
I have a lot of plants around the house, its something to do when I have nothing to do. I told the story about my pepper plants the other day, but this story is about another plant I have, its a ole big Purple Sage out back and with all the rain it's full of flowers. All my life I've seen Purple Sage growing all over the place here and thought how pretty they were when in bloom, I just glanced at them and thought hey that's a pretty plant and kept on going about my business, I never stopped and really looked at them. Today I was setting watching TV and looked outside an saw that Purple Sage in it's full bloomed self and thought, I'm going to get a picture of it in all it's glory. I grab my camera and out the door I went, I get up close to that bush and it came alive with bee's just busy as heck gathering pollen to take back to their hive, I just stand there a minute and take it all in. So I start taking pictures of my pretty little Purple Sage, this angle looks good click I take a picture, then this angle looks better then another click, I click until I had taken 20 something pictures of that plant. So off to the house I go to down load the pictures I just took. I start looking at those pictures and am in awe at how beautiful the blooms are on those plants. I have never took the time to really look at the blooms on those plants. For a short time there I was at peace with myself ,I had stopped and smelled the roses as the saying goes. For all of you that are like me 99% of the time and not smelling the roses. I want to share my moment of peace.

It just goes to show,some times we just need to stop and smell the roses or in this case the purple sage.


  1. Thanks, we had a similar experience yesterday with ours.

  2. Oh how true, we all must just stop and look closely, even if it is just a blade of grass, there is beauty in it as there is in everything. The main exception being when I look into a mirror. . .

    1. Dizzy, it scares the heck out of me when I look into that mirror. We where eating out the other day and a friend of mine commented on a group of women at another table, he guessed they were our age and I told him that I hoped they were older. I didn't want to think I looked that old.

  3. That is a very good looking picture of the sage! I can almost smell it from here!

    You sure made some good points about taking the time to notice and appreciate all the beauty nature offers us daily!

  4. Thank you, Hermit and thanks for stopping by.