Friday, March 9, 2012

Bad Week

Well looks like the 4-wheeling party out west is on hold for now. This has not been a very good week. I found out that a friend of ours from out by Terlingua, Ruth, mother passed away Tues. so they headed to Ohio. On the way out they had to stop in Alpine to get biopsy done on Charlie Ruth's husband. Hope that comes back OK. Had another friend that has a place out in Terlingua that fell out of the back of his truck and broke his hip and I just found out that his brother has less than 3 weeks to live. Man when it rains it pours.

So we are heading to Durant Oklahoma to the Choctaw Casino on Sunday, any body Else want to go?
We thought we would give some money to the Indian's.  They might want to add on to the casino or something with it. If you have never been it is a beautiful place. We get this deals in the mail for a $29.00 room and $20.00 free play. I have an extra room for $29.00 if anyone wants to go.


  1. Shoot, maybe a good thing you stay away from Terlingua for awhile till things settle down some. :-(

    Think I'll have to pass on the Indian Wampum grabbing place. :-)

    BUT don't forget you need to stop by here on the way home and pick up these few items . :-)

  2. You are correct about when it rains it pours. But like my dad said, nothing is so bad it can't get worse. Hope you don't lose all your money, but rather come home a rich dude.

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  4. Ben, I plan on staying away for awhile, until it settles down some out there. Sounds like the little green people don't want me out there. :)

    Dizzy , I really don't like to gamble that much. I play the penny machines. I'm a real high roller. My wife likes the slots so we go once or twice a year just to keep her happy.
    Thanks for stopping by.