Friday, March 16, 2012

Since My Return From Terlingua

Some strange things have been happening to ole Jim since he came back from Terlingua. I haven't been feeling to good. I hope them damn Alien's didn't impregnate me with something. I have a doctors appt. later & than have to see my attorney this afternoon about suing that SOB that called me about hunting them little green fellows.
That SOB is trying to make money off of my crop circle. He thought he was slick sending me a free gift of what he is trying to sell. Well it ain't gonna happen. I'm suing the hell out of him and with the winnings I just might buy me a hamburger, if I win enough.You try to be nice to people & they turn around and bite you in the butt, well its time I put my dentures in and start biting back I'm tired of being taken advantage of. Here is what he is trying to sell.

A damn T-Shirt with my crop circle on it. Get a good look cause there ain't gonna be anymore.He WILL destroy all that he has, I just ain't gonna have this sort of stuff going around out in the world. I want my place to stay peaceful & not having a bunch of  crop circle nuts running around like an alien with his head cut off out there.
After I get back and find out what the doc. & attorney says I'll let you know.

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  1. Once you win your lawsuit and enjoy your hamburger settlement , git ya patent on that design and go to Roswell and sell them to the whack jobs that show up there for the convention.
    Shoot, you'd be a thousandaire mogul in no time flat. :-)