Monday, March 12, 2012


Well we tried to sneak off to the casino but ole Earl, if you read my post from last Tuesday, he's the one that brought that Little Green people shooting gun to me.
I had the truck all packed up ready to go to Oklahoma., and  who pops out from the side of my house,that damn Earl. He tells me he has been sleeping over there since we lasted talked. He's a strange feller. He says, I see you're ready to go out to Terlingua and catch some of them little green people. I look at him thinking I ought to just haul off and knock the hell out of him. Have you ever seen someone & the first impression is to just haul off and knock the snot out of them, well that's Earl.
 Well to make a long story short, I just got in and I'm tireder than an eighteen wheeler , but we got one of them little green people. Boy howdy did we ever. We got out there just as the sun was going down last night. I show them little green people hunting fellows my crop circle and after discussing our strategy about calling up one of them little green devils, I decide I would give it a shot. Now mind you I have no idea what these little devils sound like but I was gonna give it a try any way. I hunker down behind some bushes with my little green people shootin' gun & commence to calling.
HOOTIE WHO,   HOOTIE WHO,   HOOTIE WHO ,  I call out like that for about 45 minutes, and after having to shoo away about 55 owls, I hear something.
It kind of sounded like " Do You Hear Some Dumb Ass  Making Some Stupid Noise".
I can't say for sure that's what I heard ,it was said in a voice that was foreign to me. I think they sent it telepathically to me or something like that, but it was one of them little green people and I can see him now, he's heading out across the crop circle, I raise my little green people shooting gun & let him have it. I blowed his dang arm smooth off.. When he went down ole Earl took out lickity split, and I yell at Earl to look out, that there might be more than one of them little green buggers out there, but he don't listen to good. Four of them little green devils jumped out from behind a bush and grabbed ole Earl. Last we seen of him he was kicking and screaming for help and than poof he's gone.
Now let me tell you,I'm a pretty noble guy if you need help I'll come a running, just don't let it be little green people you need me to help you with cause I'm a chicken s--t when it comes to that, so be fore warned I ain't helping you in that situation.
Me and this other feller,the one that called me last Tuesday. asking about catching one of these little green people, he asked that his name not be used so I'll just call him No Name.
Me and No Name sneak out there and hog tie that little green person and throw him in the back of the truck and haul ass out of there. I drove 15 miles before I turned any lights on. No Name and a couple of other guys that don't want to be identified had a room down there in Terlingua and started doing an autopsy on that little green guy. That is when I had enough and got the heck out of there and headed straight home. So that's about all there is to tell about this here little green people hunting trip.

O'hell here's a dandy update. I knew I should had never got involved in this crap. A dang video has surfaced on the the net about a damn Alien autopsy. Someone done leaked it out, I knew I shouldn't have trusted them damn people. I'm gonna post it on here since everybody & their brother will see it in the near future anyway, so here it is.



I had nothing to do with this video & don't know if its real or if someone is trying to trick ole Jim into believing this is the one he shot, I just received it in an e-mail, but it kind of looks like that little green feller I shot. Looks like all his green has bleed out onto the sheet don't it.


  1. And you wanted ME to meet you down there? Are you nuts??
    Hell I may never go back down after dark again!! The dang javelina and rattlesnakes weren't bad enough? Now THIS?

  2. Shucks, I must remind everyone of Earl since when I walk up to people the first thing they do is punch me in the face and then say "hello". It has been over 20 some years since I have seen those little green men, back about the time I quit drinking. . . Now you got me afraid to go back to Terlingua.

  3. You do have your door locked, right?

  4. Ben, It will be awhile before I go back for sure. There are some strange happenings down that way. I even saw a white buffalo on the way back.

    Dizzy, I know what you mean. My face looks like I tried to french kiss a pit bull after a lot of those hello's.

    Hermit, I do have the door locked & my little green people shooting gun on my hip.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by. I wish you could had been there a lot more happened than I wrote about. I'm trying to block it out.