Saturday, March 17, 2012

We put some Indians Through School

We managed to put a few Indian's through school on this trip. Did you ever watch "Support Your Local Gunfighter", where James Garner is in a bar and a spell comes over him, he walks over to the roulett wheel & bets every last dime he has and loses? He then walks outside and bangs his head against a poll. Well that's me at casino's. I can't win nothing. On top of that I think they spike their free cokes with something, so when you do go to your room to sleep your eyes are wide open even though your mind is dead tired.
I laid down at 11:00 that night thinking I would get some sleep & get up early and lose some more money. Ain't happing. I finally get up after counting sheep, that damn herd I counted had 4,342 sheep in it. You name it I tried counting it. If you stay in room 103 the ceiling has 5,899,942 pop corn texture bumps on it. It's 1:30 A.M. now so I say to heck with it & wander back down to the casino & think I'll watch others lose their money for a change. I stand behind this guy and the second dang spin, he hits $900.00. I silently cuss him & watch his third spin hit $300.00 more.
Well these machines are hot now and this spell comes over me, I plop my ass down and commence to send another Indian to school, lost my butt. I go back to the room & pop me one of my stress pills & finally get to sleep. My dang eyes are open back up at 8:00 that morning. 3 hours worth of sleep, those damn cokes I might have to go into rehab over them.
We head back down to the casino & send another Indian to school before we decided it was time to leave while we still had gas money. Think god I'm home. Now to work another year to make up for them damn Indians we sent to school.

Can I borrow a dollar, please?


  1. That's 1089 popcorn's less that my ceiling

  2. Sounds a lot like my last spree at the wheel!

    Could be why I don't go anymore!

  3. Big Bend, looks like we have something in common. Its hard counting them without standing on the bed & marking one so you can resume counting after a brief rest.

    Hermit, I tell myself that I'm never going back again. Then the wife gets a little slot withdrawal so we have to go somewhere to appease her.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Shoot,I ain't gonna loan you a dollar. You'll just go gamble it away. :-)

  5. Ben, just think, you'll be helping put an Indian through school.