Saturday, June 9, 2012

All Kinds Of Stuff Going On This Weekend.

The ROT Rally is going on this weekend 3 bikers have already been killed. We went out last night to see the bikes take out for down down Austin.

There are some bad ass looking bikers out there. Heck the Bandido's or Hells Angels ani't got nothing on these guys.

Don't they look scary?

Now we get to the STUD  MUFFIN of the bunch, some of them bikers are pretty well built you know. Just makes you shudder looking at them. I had to tell my other half to look the other way, I was afraid she might just jump on that dang bike with that well built feller and ride off in the sunset.

There was even some horny folks riding in that dang parade.

 I have no idea what the hell this is but its yellow and rides a motorcycle.

They even had some hot rod 3 wheelers out there.

Alright already ,I hear you hollering where the wimmen.


Don't want to get your blood pressure up, we ain't getting any younger you know, so I better stop with the pics.

Then this morning I got up and helped a friend put his new balloon up. Great flight this morning.

Had another friend flying this morning also.

Now I'm going to go and sit in my chair and do nothing the rest of the day. Ya'll have a good day.


  1. Loved the pics. I didn't do anything today so I guess you don't have to either

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Dizzy there was some nice looking bikes there.

  2. Good Gawd!! Back when I was an ole outlaw Biker we won't let most of those women ? anywhere near our bikes.
    Time change I guess.

    Dang good Balloon pictures as well.

    1. Out of 186 pictures I took that was the best looking women I found. Thanks for coming by.