Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bad week again

If you have the urge to get into hot air ballooning forget it. Your life is married to it, if you do it for a living that is. Since I got back into this my life is day to day. I just got home and read ole Ben's blog, seems we had some kind of misunderstanding. Last I talked with him I said if I could make it up his way Thursday looked like it might be the day since the weather was forecast to be bad up until Friday. I can't make any long term plans haven't in years cause it never works out. This morning the phone rings at 5:00 and guess what, we have a tether to do this morning so off I go, the good thing is I got to try out my new Gopro camera and we are booked for the next 5 days which I hope happens, high pressure has moved in so it just might happen, could us the money. 

Then my uncles truck broke down and was towed to the ford dealer Tuesday and should had been ready yesterday, nope pull and replace until we find the problem, up to $1000.00 now & still haven't gotten it back, so I'm stuck waiting for them to finish draining him of all his money.
 Went to my doc. Tuesday had blood work & all that fun stuff, got referrals to 3 other doctors from him so that was a fun morning. A lot on my mind with these other doc's trying to figure out which one to hit first and if that ain't enough I have these other pepper plants that are blooming. I haven't said much about these peppers cause they are kind of embarrassing looking pepper, don't know if I could even eat one.

Its called a Peter Pepper, I don't why they call them that, do you.


  1. Jim, I can help with those Ford issue's, just let me know.

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  3. Thanks, Suerte, he was driving it and it just died. It would crank but not start. I went to his house and messed with the wiring that goes to the distributor and it started. Than he tried it again and it just cranked, the next day it fired right up and has started since. He wasn't sure he wanted to drive it not knowing if it would stay running. So to the dealer it went. Now they said its the fuel pump. So we'll see.
    It's a 1994 ranger with 24000 miles on it. It's just broke in with that many miles on. Wheres your shop maybe next time?

  4. In South Austin, Maxwell Ford, I run the place. Let me know if I can help.

  5. LOL! I am not so sure I've seen that pepper before!

    SUERTE - I bought my Dodge Ram 2500 at Maxwell Dodge in Austin. Any relation?

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