Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ballooning this Morning And A Little About Old Time Race Car Drivers

Did finally get the balloon up this morning, the weather has been terrible this year for ballooning.

You know I watch car races on TV every now and then, mostly for the crashes. You get so use to these guys getting out and walking away from these 190 mph wrecks and don't think much about it. I never thought that much about the old racing days. What video you see of the old races is about the race car driver winning the race, you never see any of the wrecks. This gave me a whole new respect for the old time race car drivers. It was suicide what those guys did, no seat belts or nothing.
I can't seem to put the video here just the link. It's worth watching. I know some of these guys couldn't have lived through some of these crashes.


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