Saturday, June 23, 2012


To all of Ben's blog family, Ben passed away this morning around 1:30AM. I know he would want everyone to know that he is taking his final trip and that he is with his wife, Ann again after many years of separation. His daughter is on the way to make arrangements. I'll check back in and give you updates once I know them. Ben's brother, Woody...

12:45 P.M. Just talked with Ben's brother, Ben's wish's is to be cremated and his ash's spread over Padre Island where his wife's ash's where placed. As for a memorial service that is unknown at this time. I will let you know when ever I find something out.  He said, Ben's heart just kept getting weaker & weaker until the good Lord took him away to see Ann his wife.
It's been a ruff day for me, all I can do is think about Ole Ben, I sure will miss him.


  1. Very sorry to hear the news, thanks Jim for keeping us updated.
    God Bless.

  2. I am so very sad to hear this. My heart aches at this loss of a dear friend! Thank you for your updates, Jim. My prayers to Autumn and all his family.

    Carol in AZ

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  4. My deepest sympathies to all of Ben's family and friends. I did not know him, but knew of him, as my dad was a big fan reading his blog each day for the past four or so years. I learned about Ben's passing this morning when dad emailed saying how very sad he was having read what had happened. He signed off saying "He was only 66, a widower like myself. I will miss him"

  5. Thank you for the update, even though distressing.
    Sad news for those who liked to read his blog, and especially for all his family and friends.
    He will be missed.
    Please let me know if you need any help with his orphan puddy-tats.
    I expect they will miss him just as much as everyone else.
    Happy Tails, Penny, TX

  6. I'm so sorry to learn of this. We will all miss him. His words each day were a welcome visit.

  7. Oh, my goodness, the good Lord needed Ben up in Heaven to be with his wife Anne, not so much down here..My condolences to his daughter and his brothers, etc..his family..the cats will miss him enormously as he took really good care of them..Just got the Rita Casita wanted to get up there to be with his daughter and see her & visit..So sorry he passed, will miss felt I knew him though I had never met him a gentle gentle man, Rest In Peace with the angels gentle gentle Ben..from mjs in vancouver, washington state!

  8. Sorry to hear, I never met him but his daily blogs were a daily read for me and I got to know him this way. Wondering how long his blog will stay so it can be re-visited again???

  9. Thanks for keeping us informed on this. I just talked to his life long friend who went to school with him and he said that he had a bad feeling and got out of bed and drove way over to Ben's house and around it and went back home. That was at the time Ben passed away.

    1. I had a bad feeling Thursday about Ben. He said on his blog that day that I was coming up to his place. I tried calling him and no answer. I told my wife then that I had a feeling something was wrong.

  10. This is indeed a very sad day for me who never even got to meet him in person. I can only imagine the sorrow of his daughter and other family members and friends. My sincere condolences to them all.

  11. Sad indeed. I shall miss him something awful. He was my first read of the day. My link to his blog shall remain in place in his honor. God bless his family.