Monday, July 25, 2011

Cleaning Time

Since its to damn hot to go out to the ranch in Terlingua I have been going through some box's I had stuck out in the shop. I forgot about all my CB radios I had. I had a job back in 1997 that took me out in the middle of nowhere so I bought me a brand new Cobra 29 & a 100 watt kicker to go with it. Well the job did not last but a few months so I took it out of the truck & stashed it in with the older ones I had.

The old ones probably date back during the CB craze 1970's.

Royce model 1-606        Dec. 1976

GE model # 3-5804d

Lafayette Telsat SSB-50  with a built in alarm if someone tries to steal it.

Robin Model # WV23 

My electricity keeps trying to go off be back when every thing gets stable

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Loaning Tools

I've learned my lesson. I ain't loaning no more stuff out. I've spent a good day fixing up the tools I loaned out.
It just dawned on me I can't afford it no more. I did a quick metal check on what it cost me this past year. This is the stuff I remember. It cost me around $1000.00 to loan stuff out. Ain't going to happen again. I loaned out 2 of my chain saws the other day. One came back with the bar shaped like an L. The other would not run and the chain looked like he cut rocks with it. He did buy me a new bar but when I installed it I found that the chain is bent also. So I need a new chain now. I just finished up getting the one saw back up & running and waiting for a new chain on the other.
I used to lay carpet many years ago until the wet backs ran me out of a job "thats another rant for later", anyway I still have all my carpet tools. One ole buddy called me up & wanted to use my power stretcher. I've known him for 50 years. He comes and gets it & I don't hear anything from him for a couple of weeks. I give him a call wanting to know where my stretcher was. He loaned it to his nephew he tells me. I tell him I need it back now & he informs me he will have it the next day. To make a long story short I got it back 2 weeks later with a pawn tag still on it. He gets no more tools.
Now my rant is over I think I'll see what else needs fixing around here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Out at the ranch with friends

When I go out west we usually go 4 wheeling. This trip we took some friends with us and showed them fun Terlingua style.


Yea it worked. My dang heat sink on my puter was going bad for some reason. Every time I tried to make a slide show my 4 processors would kick in & it would start to heat up so I would kill it before I burned up my processor. I bought this big ole honkin heat sink & fan. The fan adjusts its speed by how hot the processor gets. With a full load on it I'm getting around 43-46 degrees. Now I can get back to making my slid shows again.