Monday, September 24, 2012

Made It Back From The Wedding

One of my favorite things to do,is going to a country wedding. When some friends asked me if I would come to their wedding and take some pictures I jumped on it. If you have not been to a country wedding you are missing out on what America should be like, at least to me anyway. Its the only time I get around a bunch of young people and all you here is yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am and no ma'am.  Just makes me want to get the hell out of Austin that much quicker,I love country life.
 This little couple is so photogenic its hard to take a bad picture. I took around 800 pictures at that dang wedding and I took my margarita machines up there also, 8 gallons of margarita lasted a couple of hours and the kids emptied out 8 gallons of coke slushies in a couple of hours, everybody had a great time.
 After setting around the house doing nothing but trying to heal, this trip was great medicine for me I got a lot of walking in up there and today most of the swelling has gone from my groin area and its not as sore as it was, I'm starting to feel great again, thank God, I was getting a little worried that something wasn't right down there.
In a 8 days it will be time to head out to the ranch for a week, can't wait for that trip, we have some great friends out there and I will get a workout out there also, 4 wheeling about 50 to 75 miles a day up in the mountains. I'm sure I could clean my roads up around the place, when I put them in I used a pick and a rake to cut  most of them in, and then ole Charlie brought his skidsteer over and finished cutting them in for me, he said I didn't have enough blood left in me to finish cutting them in, everything out there will stick you, you know.

Its late for me to be up, just wanted to post something, I haven't felt like writing in so long it feels good to set here and try to think of something to write about.

That's a good looking couple ain't it

Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm Back Home For Now

Thanks to everyone that commented on my last blog, I did not get a chance to reply to y'all before my trip back to the hospital.

I'm back home with another Stent put in. What I thought was acid reflux these past couple of weeks was another heart attack coming on. Turns out my heart doc knew about this blockage but decided to leave it alone when he put the first Stent in. Does not make a bit of since to me,because this blockage was about 3 inches past the first one, looks like he could have fixed both at the same time but what do I know, I have another Stent and they have another $100,000.00 plus.
 I'm really pissed that he knew about this blockage and didn't say one word to me about it. The last 3 weeks had been hell, I was bent over groaning for 30 minutes at least once every day with chest pains, even going to the emergency room with them and he never said one word about it. This doctor is head of the heart department at the hospital, if he is like this i hate to see how the doctors under him work. It took 3 calls to get in to see him and decide we better go back and have another look. The sad part is he has never told me he knew this, his nurse told me he knew about it when he put the first stent in. I ask her why it was not fixed the first time and her answer was in and emergency they just fix the main problem and see how you do. If you have one blockage that is 99% blocked and one 3 inches from it that is 95% blocked I would think it would be in the persons best interest to fix both problems at the same time.
Well I'm mad now just talking about it and probably not making much since so I better go cool off before I have another attack.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back to the hospital tomorrow.

I hope this trip back to the hospital will get some answers, it will be the 3rd time since I've had the damn heart attack. The first couple of weeks I felt great and then I started getting this burning in my chest again, then it turned into the same feeling I had when I had the heart attack, arms numb, bent over double like my chest was on fire, did some reading online about one drug they have me on, Plavix, that can cause chest pains from acid reflux. Went to the hospital last week with chest pains and after blood work and EKG they said it didn't look like I was having a heart attack. I explained to the doctor what I had read about Plavix causing these systems and he looks it up and decides that what is causing it and gives me a new script. for a drug that will cut back on my system making acid, well that did not work. I have been calling my heart doctor 3 times since this has been going on and had to leave messages with the promise I would be called back. I did get a call back Monday and I explained to his nurse that these pains felt just like I did when I had the heart attack and was told I needed to see the doctor which I have been trying to do for 3 weeks. I went today and he is concerned that my pains are just like the ones of my heart attack and wants to do another Angiogram tomorrow to see if something went wrong with the stint he put in or if there is more blockage in there. I hope something can get done about this pain it has gotten where I don't eat or drink anything for fear of having another one of these attacks, they last for around 30 minutes and are the most intense pain I have had to deal with and I've dealt with a lot of pain in my life time.
 I'm hoping I can get back to a normal life again all I do is set now , all my energy is gone, I'm out of breath most of the time and don't really feel like doing anything.