Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm still Kickin

Haven't had much to write about in a while.The only thing going on around here is the wind. I've been selling off some of these dang extra tomato plants I have and have sold around $200.00 worth and still have a bunch left anybody want some tomato plants I'll give you some because this is the last week I'll be taking care of these its time to pull them because I'm tired of messing with them.

I have some Cherokee Purple these have a great taste to them. 
Believed to have originated in the Cherokee Nation in Tennessee more than a century ago.





 Some Brandy Wine



Some Rutgers




Some Yellow Pear




OK don't laugh at this one this is what its really called, ready?

Black Seaman



 and a couple other types of tomato plants.


 I put one of those Cherokee Purple plants in my Hydroponic setup and it is going crazy. Should have ripe tomato's before long.





My garden is going plum crazy this year I spent a little extra time fixing it up this year and its paying off. I put 400 pounds of cow manure in it this year and made rows for each type of tomato.



 You see that black hose running through there? I have tomato's on dang near every tomato plant and I had a regular ole sprinkler that watered them and sprayed water every where. I've been told if tomato's have water on them when the hot sun is shining on them they will blister and have brown spots on them so I rigged me up a little irrigation system every second row with the sprinkler heads on each side of the row. Like this.

These little sprinkler heads are pretty dang cool they are so small you wouldn't think they would spray much water so I had it figured I would have one on each plant until I read the directions on the package. These dang little fellers will spray an area with a 180 degree spray for 4 feet. 

You can tell by the twist tie how big these little sprinkler heads are. As you can tell gardening is about all I've done in a while.

I still have my ole squirrel dog to run off the other squirrels and keep them out of my garden. He's made himself right at home as you can see I have to run him out every now and then to make sure no squirrels are in the garden.

  The dang wind has blown so much that we haven't had the balloon out much. We did a tether for some elementary school kids last week and we got a flight in last Friday for the first time since Nov. of last year. Our records show that this past year has been the worst windy year since keeping records all the way back to the 80's. What some people don't understand is it can be calm on the ground and the wind could be blowing 50 miles an hour 200 feet above you. So here's praying to the wind gods to give us a break on the dang winds so I can make some money.


Looks like my blog is acting up I was fixing to comment on the spacing between each line of writing half way down my blog when it starts writing in bold print.