Monday, October 13, 2014

Feeling Better

My damn ole back got to hurting so bad that I turned into a zombie for a few weeks from taking pain pills and muscle relaxers every 3 hours. I couldn't sleep in the bed so I slept in the recliner, that's the only place I wouldn't hurt for a couple of hours. A few weeks of being so spaced out I didn't know what the hell was going on I told the wife that I'm getting the shot in the back that I swore I would never get but anything was better than what I was going through so I went in to the back doc to get the results of the MRI and tell him to give me the shot in the back and would worry about the results latter, well he says the shot will have to take place at the hospital where they could watch on x-ray where the needle was going and it would be 2 days before I could get that done. He sets that up and then tells me what else could be done about my back which has 2 disks with nothing left between them and that's why my nerves are being pinched. He could go in and try to make the opening that the nerves go through bigger so they wouldn't get pinched or he could go in a use screws and plates and fuse the disks together but with my heart condition he wouldn't do either. What the hell, why didn't you tell me this crap to start with. Just gimme the damn shot.
 Two days latter I go into the hospital and the nice lady doctor that is going to give me the shot tells me this is a piece of cake and will only 10 minutes tops unless there is a problem, guess what 15 minutes in she says "We have a problem" you have a bone spur that is getting in the way of the needle but I'm not giving up I'm going to try a different angle, I feel something hit a nerve and she says that's what she was waiting for and gets it done. They tell me it could take up to 5 days for it to take effect. It took 2 weeks before I really started feeling better. I still couldn't sleep in the bed but I'm off the pain pills and muscle relaxers.
 I go see my heart doctor for my 6th month check up and tells him about my back. He tells me something needs to get done about it that it was bad for my heart. I tell him my back doc wouldn't operate because of my heart and he says that's BS that there is nothing wrong with my heart to keep me from have a back operation. I tell him I'm not real happy with that back doctor and I leave his office with his back doctors name and waiting for an appointment with him.
 The wife's vacation was coming up last week and wanted to go out to the ranch. I'm thinking how in the hell am I gonna do this,that's where this all started the last time we went out there.
 I started working and walking and doing a lot of thing around the house and was feeling good except I couldn't sleep in the bed. I hated to throw the recliner on the trailer and haul it out to the ranch so I bought me one of them double decker air mattress and did some experimenting with it and found out I could get around 3 hours sleep on it and decided I could live with that since that's about all my back would let me get anyway so off to the ranch we went.

We no sooner drive up to the place and start unloading that I catch something out of the corner of my eye and there's Porky as I call him waiting for some corn. For those that don't know this javelina has been hanging around me for a few years now. He will lay in the corn eating and I can be 3 feet away from him with a pick digging and it doesn't bother him the others will run off but not him.

Now ain't that a cute face

I throw some corn out and he settles in eating and watching whats going on. We get busy unpacking and putting things away and look out and porky has wondered off. We mess around the house getting everything put away and look out back where I have the feeder and what the hell did you do porky bring the whole damn klan with you.

When you get a pack like this together they will have some fights and it sounds like all hell is breaking loose back there. I have to go back and tell them to keep it quite that I'm here for piece and quite.

It's that time of the year and the baby's are out and are real shy.

We had a great time and saw a beautiful sunrise one morning.

Warning the owner of this land shoots first and the guard birds takes care of the rest.

Funny thing about this trip I slept the whole time in the bed out there and got around 8 hours of sleep a night, The most sleep I've had in months. I love my little part of God's country out there.