Monday, January 5, 2015

Tomato Time

I ain't dead yet just haven't had nothing to write about. I do now though. It's mater season for me & time to plant tomato seeds. I planted 364 seeds and have them on the heat pads waiting for something to happen.There's two more trays that I'm not showing full of seeds also.

See those little pieces of paper on the tooth picks in that tray? I had the hell scared out of me yesterday morning. I walk in there and think to myself does that paper look bleary? I take that cover off and O MY GOD I can't read what they say anymore. The water wicked up through the tooth picks and the paper was soaked and the ink was smeared and I don't know what type of tomato is in those rows I start to panic cause these ain't seeds you go to Walmart and buy. I ordered these on line and they are Heirloom tomato's with some pretty fancy names to them. I'm talking about Sioux, Daniels, Black Brandywine, Rutgers, Cherokee Purple and Costoluto Genovese tomato's. That last one sounds like something a Mafia crime boss would eat don't it and a few others. Any way you see the up the creek without a paddle spot I was in. I take one of those pieces of paper and pry the scotch tape off and let it dry some and after a couple of hours I was able to make out all but 3 rows of seeds. I relabeled the seeds and dug the dirt out and replanted those rows and I'm ready for something to start coming up. Any body want to buy some tomato plants in a couple of months?

 I've been wanting to get me a tiller for awhile now but just couldn't see spending around $600.00 for one. I've been looking on Craigslist for a used one for a long time just when one pops up like the one I want I call and somebody already bought it. The other day one pops up on there and I call the guy up and he still has it. He lives over in the next town and I tell him I'll take it just hold it for me.I haul ass over there I see that everything works and wound up giving him $150.00 for it. This dang thing has forward & reverse and works great.

Did you know that a tiller can whip your butt if you don't know how to use it? I do. If your using it right you can hold on with one hand & walk along the side of it. If you try to man handle it you'll find out real quick its stronger than you are and whip the hell out of you. It reminded me of the time I got into floor covering and the ole boy I was helping told me to get the floor buffer and sand the bathroom floor I told him never used one before and he said it was a piece of cake to use. We used the floor buffers with an attachment that had a big sanding disk on it. I wheeled that damn machine in that little bath room,grabbed a hold of the handle and pulled the trigger on that sucker. That damn thing took off  it scared the hell out of me so I turned it loose and before it had time to stop it started spinning a hundred miles and hour in a circle, I thought it was going to kill me it knocked a big hole in the bathroom wall and finally stopped spinning. I thought I was in trouble until I looked into the other room and everybody was laughing that butts off. I had been set up. Any way I tilled the hell out of that garden, I liked that tiller so much I tilled it three different times. It's 34x17 now. The wife tells me I got carried away with the tilling.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and a Happy New Years. We went to Oklahoma and put another Indian kid through school at the casino just before Christmas, I should learn that I ain't no gambler. I lose every time I go up there. We get back home and the wife wants to know what I want for Christmas? I told her I didn't have any idea. She says you've wanted a power washer for awhile how about that. I say hell yea so I got me a nice power washer for Christmas.

I better go check on them maters.