Saturday, August 24, 2013


This heart shit is getting old. I've just about come to the point of saying to hell with the frigging doctors and just let what happens happen I'm tired of all of it.
 I go to the hospital thinking I'm gonna get another stint and all will be well again, HELL NO I don't get another stint, my system is different than most peoples, my body has to do weird shit to get everybody excited but me. I'm laying on the operating table with my heart Doc showing me my artery's and where the last 2 stints were put in last year and how nice they were doing,he says to me ,"see how nice the blood is flowing through here" and I say why yes that sure is nice. He then points out this other artery and tells me this is the one I told you was 40% clogged but as you can see its flowing real good through that blockage and I say why yes it is, so he says while I'm in here I'm going to run a wire up into that artery and see what the blood pressure is on each side of that blockage and we will know for sure that is not your problem He says he needs to put my heart under some stress and I my feel a little discomfort. We get started and sombitch my chest is burning like hell and I'm curling into a fetal position and can't breath for crap, I'm having a damn heart attack and the doc says to his sidekick did you see that all excited and then looks at me and wants to know if I'm OK which I tell him hell no I'm not OK I'm having a damn heart attack, they give me some nitro and put me under some more stress and bam I'm having another heart attack and the doc is all excited asking his side kick if he saw that again and gives me some more nitro. The last place you would think your doctor would be like a kid in a candy store is when he is all up in your heart, he says to me look at this all excited, they recorded all of this so I get to see a replay of what got him and his side kick all excited, he says look at this artery below that 40% blocked one and I study it and it looks like a nice healthy artery just pumping away and then all of sudden it just looks like its empty for a few seconds and then fills up and is pumping again. He says that I'm having a spasm that shuts the artery down for a few seconds and then opens back up causing a heart attack. I'm thinking now if this ain't the shits, I just developed this problem here on the table because I damn sure wasn't having that kind of chest pains when I complained about not being able to breath the past few months but he says that just might be the problem and I say I wasn't having heart attacks when I came in and he says it was the stress he put my heart under that gave me the heart attacks now I'm thinking this guy is full of shit and he goes ahead telling me we can control the spasms with pills, more damn pills to take. They get out of my heart and are cleaning up when his side kick tells me that he had only seen in books and on video what my heart was doing on that table. I ask how long has he been doing this heart stuff and he tells me thirty years.Thirty friggin years and this is the first time he has ever seen this happen in real time that's just great they ought to pay me.
 I get my pills the next day and the wife starts reading all the side effects of this drug off to me, headaches,dizziness, your man parts will fall off and start growing out your forehead and a ton more side affects if you know what I mean. Then she starts reading what will happen if I quit taking them ,I tell her I ain't taking it that I would rather die. Later that day she convinces me to take it. Holy crap right off the bat I get a headache and then the next morning I wake up like I have the flu, all my joints and muscles hurt and I still have a head ache and can't breath very good. I sleep most all day not knowing if I have the flu or if its those damn pills so I take another that night and wake up the next day feeling like hell and sleeping most of the day in my chair with the TV on thinking I'm sick I take another that night and tossed and turned all night with my muscles aching the next morning still with the headache and muscles hurting like heck I'm starting to think its those damn pills knocking me on my butt instead of being sick so I tell the wife last night I ain't taking no more of those damn pills that they are killing me and that if I'm gonna die by not taking them at least I'll feel good when I die and not be sick as hell when I do so I quit taking them last night and slept like a baby and feel a hell of a lot better. Those are some brutal pills.
The pills did nothing for my breathing which is what I went in for so I'm right back where I started.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another Stint

I have not felt like doing much for the past couple of months and then my breathing started going away and now I can't even tie my shoes without gasping for air so I go back into the hospital tomorrow for I hope another stint so I can get back to normal. This crap is getting old this is the 3rd stint in a year. The doc is getting rich off of me an I'm getting to feel good a couple of months before he gets another 100,000 for a stint. This ain't fun and I'm getting tired of it.

 I hope when I get out of the hospital I'll feel a lot better and get back to my blog.