Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Not much has been going on.

Its hard to write anything when you aren't doing anything. After the back surgery everything started to go great. Then Dec.18th I started feeling bad and went to the doc he tells me I have a sinus infection and gives me some antibiotics to take care of it. They didn't do anything for it so I go back a couple of weeks later feeling really bad. He does a chest x-ray and tells me I now have Pneumonia so I get more antibiotics and start to feel better after a couple of weeks and then my damn ear pops and I can't hear anything out of it so back to the doc. I now have a ear infection and you guessed it more antibiotics. January 28th I finally start feeling like my old self but weak as hell from the Pneumonia I can't even walk around the block I'm so weak. After a few days I start getting some strength back and am back to normal again.

The wife gave me a new camera for Christmas and couldn't wait to try it out. So after I started felling better I thought what better way to get some exercise then heading out to Big Bend and try out my new camera so we head on out to the ranch and get settled in and head out to take some pictures.

It's amazing how some plants can grow with so little soil.