Thursday, August 30, 2012

Figuring This Health Crap Out

I have never taken Meds every day in my life until now. This dang heart attack and quitting smoking at the same time has my system all messed up, I've been thinking my heart has been acting up ever day, thinking its fixing to be the big one, I get a chest burn like when I had the heart attack ,but it goes away pretty quick, I think I figured it out today, I took my 2 pills this morning and about an hour later I got that chest burn again and it dawned on me that its these dang pills giving me heart burn after I take them so maybe I'll live a little longer.
 Sept.22nd I have a wedding to shoot for some friends up in Brownwood, gonna take my Margarita machines up there for them to use,that ought to be a hoot and after that the wife and I are heading out to the place and catch the Shelby Mustangs again if you have never been you should go an check them out.
Blogger is giving me some problems today its locking up at times so I will give it a rest. I will leave with a funny.