Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pain Free

I feel 20 years younger my legs feel like they weigh 20lbs less and don't have the pain in them like I use to. If everything stays like this I'm gonna be a happy camper. I have so much more energy now I can't sit still. The last 2 days I have been going 100 miles an hour. I was so wound up last night I didn't get into bed till 1:00 and my dang eyes popped open at 6:00 with my mind going what are we gonna do today. I just got up put on some cloths and walked for a mile then came home a pickled some peppers. Its hell wanting to do so much work now and can't lift more than 5lbs for 6 weeks so I do a lot of walking around. See the doc tomorrow and see if I can't do some work around here. I sure need to mow the yard.

                  I was so bored last night I pulled to camera out and took some pics of the moon. First time I really felt like taking pictures.

           The grand daughter wanted some chickens so come Nov. 6th we might just have some.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Hopefully next week my pain will be taken care of.

I go into the hospital Monday to get my ole back cut on. They gonna do a Laminectomy and try to get rid of all the damn pain I've had for the past year. Maybe I'll get back to doing my blog more often.
  Did go out to the ranch for a week and had some fun out there but every morning I got up bent over just barely able to walk after a couple of hours I was able to walk around like most people. Every time I would sit for a while I had to do the same routine of trying to walk normal.