Saturday, August 25, 2018

Bob been putting water out for the critters. Seems this dang Bob Cat likes the hell out of it. I guess its good eating around the ole water hole.


  1. How do put out the water? Just pick a low spot & pour water there or is that tub off to the left in the pictures the part of it?

  2. When I started filling up the tub the water ran off into that low spot and the javelina rooted it out laying in it. Now water will stay in it a few days. We are luckey enough to have a well out here.

  3. Wow....a well out there is very rare.!! Good for you. And great jaguar pics. My late brother in law almost went to the Federal Pen for shipping a jaguar skin to a client in CO that literally begged him for a skin. At the time (1980s) my brother-in-law owned/operated a fishing and bird hunting outfit in Mexico.
    Turns out the CO "client" was a Fed agent, setting up a sting operation. $50k fine and 10 year probation for a federal felony.
    Steve passed away years ago.

  4. A water well in the desert is a true luxury! Are you going to be living full time in Terlingua?

  5. Replies
    1. Still kicking just been busy as hell around here.