Friday, July 10, 2020

Been busy

Well its been a busy few years around here. Trying to get settled in on living the desert life. Hotter than hell right now or I'd be outside doing something. Got my shop all set up and my deck put up in front of my house and fixing to put one up in the back. Still have all my critters coming up to my watering hole out back. Have deer, bob cats, badgers, coons, fox, and other critters that cool off at the water have quail that act like chickens they come a running when I bring feed out.       

The ole watering hole is a little dry .

We even have bears out here.

Been doing a lot of 4-wheeling out here some days we do 60 miles on them we have a ball doing that. You couldn't pay me to move back to the city.  Don't know a lot right now its been so dang long since I posted anything about forgot how to. I'll try to post more often. Ya'll have a good day.

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